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England’s Schoolboys with a Schoolboy Cricket Score

133 is called “tip and run” cricket
The Radical 
18th July 2017
England Expected Better
Joe Root was lulled into a false sense of security 
after he won the first Test Match at Lords, 
so he and the selectors kept the same team.
Yet there were failures there too.
Cook is a bad influence on the team and needs resting or promoting down the order
Jennings needs sending to his namesake Brewery for a Cockermouth Cumbrian 
pint and some Dutch courage.
Mark Wood is 52nd on the 2nd Div Bowling richter scale and needs to go back to school
But the real culprit is the One day and 20/20 game.
Slog it and See – or Payday Cricket to the players
But it not how Test Cricket is played.
Not how the crowds came to see or expected.
Remember Hutton and Washbrook playing themselves in before lunch 
and then opening out after it.
Joe Root needs Men of Application & Character not Cricket Careerists
So who must be sacrificed for whom ?
Who will stand up to the South African bowlers with a straight bat ?
Root, Stokes  are the bedrock 
Moeen Ali needs kicking himself out of his comfort zone, 
as you never know which Ali is going to turn up.
See the Specsaver First & Second Division Batting and Bowling Averages 
for the inform Players
There are players in the top 20 who ought to be considered.
Sidebottom and Plunkett For Yorkshire stand out but there are others in the Bowling Dept
Burns and Stoneman for Surrey in the Batting Dept
It is no use blaming the Trent Bridge pitch, the Weather or the Umpires,
England were well beaten in all departments.
The Bowlers lacked consistency and the Batsmen were pathetic 
Well done  South Africa and on to the Oval for a Root and Branch change in team selection.

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