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England did not Expect, Pakistan Lost the 3rd Test

Pakistan Cricket Team threw away a perfectly good defence……


-The Radical –

8th August 2016



………of their innings at Edgbaston to lose the 3rd Test Match, against England rather than England won the match,as convincingly as some suggest, though the Radical got the result wrong in the end, he points out that Cook delayed the declaration so long that it handed the opportunity to Pakistan to play for a draw at the very least.



At 123 for 2 wickets Pakistan were cruising. At the end they had only 13 overs to go, to draw.

 Moeen got Man of the Match for his 2 wickets for 128  in the match and on a turning wicket on the 5th day but his 149 runs clinched it when England were flying and others did as well .  


The two A’s for Asia, Aslam (Sami) at 20 years of age and Ashar were my Men of the Match, scoring 152 and 177 respectively.

None of the England bowlers really excelled to the extent that they let Pakistan get the better of England for much of the match.

Broad remains out of form, Finn got lucky and England needed a second spinner.
Cook made some daft decisions confirmed by others, that he is not a great captain.


From selections to field placings, and from first innings confidence to declarations.
So its England 2 Pakistan 1 with one to play.

 Which perfomance will Pakistan put on show at the Oval this Thursday ?

Three days to prove they are truly a force for cricket, they have the potential to square the series or let it end in disaster.

England could use the match to develop some new blood and more fire,
but I fear it will be Cook v the 10 again.

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