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England Cricket on Trial at Edgbaston

England Start today 17 without Loss……


-The Radical-6th August 2016-


…….having played catchup to Pakistan’s 400 all out.

All praise to Cook and Hales for repairing what they partly damaged.

Finn & Moeen cost England 155 for no wickets, confirming neither should have been selected.

At 27 runs per wicket the other three senior bowlers struggled to tie the Asians down.

The Pakistani’s batted well and England will be questioned again today,


but its the fourth day of five and Cook is no gambler,


so  expect the final day to be a damp squibb draw,

 but you never know, a few quick wickets could spring the death trap for England


and result in a Pakistani victory.

No other option looks possible as England must bat to give Pakistan no chance of


reaching a total set.

England will have to bat all day today and the first session tomorrow to get the


required runs to make take the game from Pakistan.

It makes the result one win each and one draw


and that for England playing at home, is poor,


by any home advantage cricketing standards.


One more ?


The Oval for the Selectors to see SENSE



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