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EHRC’s sensationalised witch-hunt still failed- CHRIS WILLIAMSON NOT GUILTY


Dear Friend –

It’s now conclusive! The EHRC has determined that Chris Williamson did not contribute to ‘unlawful harassment related to Jewish ethnicity’ by the Labour Party, despite desperately trying to make such a finding.

Even with the establishment’s backing, the EHRC’s sensationalised witch-hunt still failed.

Click above to read Chris Williamson’s full response to the EHRC.

The EHRC attempted to criminalise Chris for his defence of socialist comrades against a cynical smear campaign led by the Conservatives and the Israel lobby. However, the discredited and institutionally racist Commission has proven itself to be a paper tiger.

This outcome is a vindication of Chris’s longstanding record of standing up to racism, which stretches all the way back to the 1970s when he was an active member of the Anti-Nazi League. His commitment to anti-racism could not be impugned, despite the EHRC’s efforts.

The EHRC has acknowledged that Chris Williamson “successfully challenged” his unlawful re-suspension from the Labour Party in the High Court last year, and that his disciplinary process was “influenced by external events” and subject to “political interference”.

This incredible result is due to the immense generosity and kind support of hundreds of supporters like you. With the collective solidarity of our grassroots movement, we have proven that there is nothing we can’t achieve.

You can read Chris’s full response to the EHRC here. Please make sure to share the good news on your social media platforms!

In solidarity, and with many thanks

Campaign for Chris Williamson


Campaign for Chris Williamson Ltd · United Kingdom
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