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The Secrets Behind Flying Long-Haul – And How To Enjoy Yourself ( IN PURGATORY )


Because why shouldn’t your holiday begin the moment you set foot on the plane?


05/11/2018 13:57 GMT | Updated 05/11/2018 13:57 GMT


You’ve spent weeks dreaming about an exotic holiday to Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Mexico… or some other sun-drenched part of the world.


You have visions swirling in your head of yourself, a beach, a novel, a cocktail (and a swoon-worthy Instagram feed of you on your travels).


Now your fantasy is about to become reality: all you need is to get through one long-haul flight and paradise is yours to savour.


Of course, if you’re not that into flying, the prospect of being squeezed into a too-small seat for hours, the hassle of trying to fit carry-on bags into overhead luggage storage that doesn’t provide enough room and the unfortunate reality of arriving at your dream destination looking like a character from a cult zombie flick – a side effect of the plane’s poor air quality drying out eyes and skin – can make the plane journey seem less than appealing.


But maybe the long-haul flight isn’t the problem.


Perhaps you just haven’t mastered the tricks of the trade yet. 


Not All Planes Are Created Equal

What’s the game changer?


Well, there are a few, from 30%-larger-than-your-average-plane windows (the better to see the sky with, of course) and mood lighting (to help your body sync with time changes and mitigate against jet lag) as well as a roomier cabin (over six-feet-high to create a real sense of spaciousness) and larger overhead luggage storage


Smooth Operator 

Turbulence is common on flights, and for nervous fliers a particular dread.


Although it’s not dangerous, that doesn’t mean it’s not disruptive, disturbing those on long-haul flights trying to sleep, turning stomachs upside-down and causing motion sickness. 


If you tend to feel travel sick, try to get a seat closer to the front of the plane – they’re usually less bumpy – avoid a heavy meal, don’t drink alcohol on the flight and invest in some Sea-Band acupressure bracelets, which can help combat nausea.

A Less Noisy Ride


As any frequent traveller will attest, noise on a plane is incredibly disruptive, whether it’s a screaming infant, neighbour with terrible taste in music or the whirring of the aircraft during take-off and landing. Noise can contribute to passenger fatigue, so in addition to investing in those noise-cancelling headphones, it’s essential to choose an aircraft with a quieter ride.


Time to pull out that silk eye mask.

It’s All About The Essentials


You know the basics of long-haul flying: resist the alcohol cart (it’s tempting short-term, but will dehydrate you and mess with your sleep longer-term), drink water constantly and have some moisturiser handy, along with your toothbrush and toothpaste, so you can look and feel human during the journey and when you land.


Yes, flying is even a good excuse to splash out on one of those crazy-but-kind-of-amazing looking foil masks.



Prepare for temperature fluctuations in the cabin and your new destination with an easy layering outfit.



. Just get the flight attendant to fill it up with boiling water when they come around with tea.

Kids On A Plane Isn’t As Bad As Snakes On A Plane


 Melatonin is an accepted jet lag relief (science says so), as is gradually shifting your sleep routine before the flight (getting up earlier or later depending on the time zone you’re travelling to) and keeping your body moving.


In fact, some claim walking barefoot is the key to staving off jet lag after a flight.


Try it and let us know, would you?

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