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Saturday 16th November 2019


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Consider long-term bond to beat future inflation rises

Consumers should be aware that although inflation has dropped to 1.5% this week, savers wanting long-term inflation-beating rates should consider locking into a long-term deal now or may find their money eroding over the next few years.

The Bank of England’s official forecast predicts that inflation will hit 2.2% in the last few months of 2022, but due to fixed bonds rates falling over the last 12 months, there is now currently only one three-year bond that can beat this rate.

Research carried out by Moneyfacts.co.uk shows that with today’s statistics revealing that CPI fell to 1.5% during October, there are now 199 fixed rate bonds, 50 fixed rate ISAs and 18 notice accounts (based on £10,000 deposit) that can now match or beat inflation. Within that, 168 fixed bonds, 40 fixed ISAs, and 16 notice accounts pay more than 1.5%.

Rachel Springall, finance expert at Moneyfacts.co.uk, said: “Speed remains the key to securing a top interest return and not just on fixed rates. As providers can act quickly to cope with both their market exposure and demand, lucrative rates may not sit on the shelf for long and savers easily could miss out.”

Read the full story or see our best fixed rate bonds comparison chart.

 AERNotice / Term 

Easy Access



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Fixed Rate Bonds


2 Years

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Fixed Rate ISAs


5 Years


Variable Rate ISAs


2 Years


Regular Savings Account


36 Months

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Notice Accounts


90 Days

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Monthly Interest Accounts1.81%120  DaysView table

Deal of the week

One-year fixed rate ISA

Savers looking for a decent interest rate on a minimum deposit of £1,000 may be pleased with Aldermore’s one-year fixed rate cash ISA. This online-only account pays 1.45% on the bond’s maturity date, while for income-seekers there is also a version of the ISA that pays interest monthly at a slightly reduced rate of 1.44% gross.


Further additions are allowed for 14 days from account opening, while there is a 90-day loss of interest penalty for early access.

Product Spotlight: Five-year fixed rate bonds

Got a lump sum and looking for a good, long-term return? A five-year fixed rate bond could be just the thing:

• UBL UK’s 5 Year Fixed Term Deposit is offering a chart-topping interest rate of 2.36% AER paid monthly, on maturity or on the anniversary of opening. A minimum deposit of £2,000 is required and customers should note that early access is at the bank’s discretion and carries a penalty of 365 days’ loss of interest. This account can be opened and managed in branch or by post.

• Gatehouse Bank’s Fixed Term Deposit offers an expected profit rate of 2.30% AER on the anniversary of opening. A minimum deposit of £1,000 is required and customers should note that no withdrawals are permitted with this online-only bond. This bank operates under Islamic finance principles.

• Gatehouse also takes the number three spot with the Raisin UK – 5 Year Fixed term Deposit paying an expected profit of 2.30% AER on maturity from a minimum deposit of £1,000. As is usual with fixed rate bonds, no withdrawals are permitted. This bond must be opened online but afterwards can be managed by post and by phone too. Again, this bank operates under Islamic finance principles.

Top products – At a glance

Top Savings Accounts

Easy Access: Coventry Building Society Triple Access Saver (1.46% AER var) Min Open Bal £1

One-year fix ISA: Al Rayan Bank Fixed Term Deposit Cash ISA (1.61% Expected rate) – Min Open Bal £1000

Personal Loans  

£5000 over 36 mths: Admiral Personal Loan(Monthly repayment: £146.17 – 3.4% rep APR)

Secured Loans

For £25,000 over 10 years: Masthaven Bank Flexible Secured Loan (3.9% rep APRC variable)

Mortgage redemption fees creep up in 2019

Analysis from Moneyfacts.co.uk shows the average mortgage redemption fee has increased by 9.3% over the past year, from £107 to £117. The maximum fee currently being charged to end a mortgage loan is £400, an increase of £175 on the highest fee of £225 last year.

Borrowers concerned about paying a fee at the end of their mortgage could consider selecting a lender who doesn’t charge a redemption fee or look for a variable rate mortgage, as around a third of these don’t usually charge to redeem a mortgage.

Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland are the only lenders who have consistently not charged a redemption fee in 2009, 2014, 2018 and this year. In 2019, there were also five other lenders that did not charge redemption fees: Bank of Ireland for Intermediaries, Atom Bank, M&S Bank, Reliance Bank and TSB.


Borrowers should check the information sent to them from their lender about mortgage fees. Whenever a lender changes its fees, it should send a communication to its affected customers. Those with a mortgage that is due to end soon should look particularly closely to avoid an unexpected fee.


See this story online and take a look at our best variable rate mortgages comparison chart.

Product Spotlight: Two-year fixed rate for remortgages

If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end, now may be a good time to consider securing your payments into a two-year fixed rate mortgage.

• NatWest Int Sols tops our chart, offering a rate of 1.19% (3.8% APRC) fixed until 31 January 2022, at which point it reverts to 4.24% variable. This deal is for remortgage customers looking for a maximum 60% loan-to-value (LTV) and requires a minimum loan of £25,000, to a maximum that is determined by LTV. This mortgage charges £995 in product fees and includes the incentives of free valuation and no legal fees.

• Barclays Mortgage is second in our chart with a rate of 1.21% (3.8% APRC) fixed until 31 January 2022, which then reverts to 4.24% variable, and is available at a maximum 60% LTV for all borrower types. This deal requires a minimum loan of £5,000, up to a maximum of £2 million. It charges £999 in product fees and includes the incentives of free valuation, and remortgagers also have the choice of either no legal fees or £250 cashback.

• Third place in our chart this week is Santander, with a remortgage deal that offers a rate of 1.21% (3.6% APRC) fixed until 2 February 2022, and then reverts to 4.00% variable for term. This mortgage is for those seeking a maximum 60% LTV and requires a minimum loan of £6,000, up to a maximum of £1 million. It charges £999 in product fees but includes the incentives of free valuation fees up to a maximum of £1,190 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with £95 toward valuation fees in Scotland. There is also the offer of £250 cashback on completion or free legal fees.


First Time Buyer
95% LTV





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60% LTV


2 Years


View table

60% LTV


2 Years


View table

Moving Home
60% LTV


to 28/02/2022


View table


Rep Example: £168,000 mortgage over 25 years initially at 2.59% fixed for 27 months reverting to 4.49% variable for 36 months and 5.99% variable for term. 27 monthly payments of £761.31, 36 monthly payments of £918.53 and 237 monthly payments of £1038.93. Total amount payable £300,786.86 includes loan amount, interest of £131,849, valuation fees of £265 and product fees of £498. The overall cost for comparison is 5.1% APRC representative.

Deal of the week

Three-year fixed rate remortgage

Offering a rate of 1.79% (APRC 4.6%) fixed to 31 January 2023 that reverts to 4.69% variable thereafter, this deal will appeal to those looking to fix their mortgage rate for a three-year term.

This rate is available to all borrower types who have at least a 25% deposit/equity (75% loan-to-value). There is no minimum loan amount, while the maximum is dependent on loan-to-value. It charges £999 in product fees but includes the incentive of free valuation (to a maximum of £999), while remortgagers also get help toward costs. Lump sum payments are also allowed.


Rep example: £178,000 mortgage over 25 years initially at 1.79% fixed for 38 months reverting to 4.69% variable for 24 months and 5.69% variable for term. 38 monthly payments of £736.40, 24 monthly payments of £974.48 and 238 monthly payments of £1058.33. Total amount payable £304,771.26 includes loan amount, interest of £125,253, valuation fees of £0 and product fees of £999. The overall cost for comparison is 4.6% APRC representative.

Fraudsters using Shawbrook Bank to scam consumers

Consumers are being warned to be aware the Shawbrook Bank has been cloned by fraudsters and to be careful when depositing money with the bank.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the fake bank does not have a website, but fraudsters have been contacting people out of the blue claiming to be Shawbrook Bank and offering highly competitive rates.

Fraudsters have been using the name Shawbrook Bank Ltd, which is a clone of the authorised bank, along with the telephone number 0127 742 4925 and the email address shawbrook@ promotionalenquiries.co.uk. Consumers who think they have been approached by this unauthorised bank, or any other cloned firm, should contact the FCA on 0800 111 6768 or email consumer.queries@fca.org.uk.

Consumers can continue banking with the authorised Shawbrook Bank; however it is important to ensure that any money deposited is done with the authorised bank and not the clone. The authorised Shawbrook Bank details are:

Firm Name: Shawbrook Bank Limited

Firm Reference Number: 204574

Address: Lutea House, Warley Hill Business Park, The Drive, Great Warley, Brentwood, EssexCM13 3BE

Telephone: +44 1277751110

Website: www.shawbrook.co.uk

Read this story online or check out our best bank accounts comparison charts


Deal of the week

Personal loan

M&S Bank is offering a personal loan with a rate of 4.4% APR for £5,000 borrowed over a period of 36 months. The first repayment on this loan will be deferred for three months, although interest will be charged during this period. The loan is available to new and existing customers who are aged 18 or over with a minimum annual income of £10,000.


Representative example: Based on a loan of £5,000 at 4.40% per annum fixed. Representative 4.4% APR. Total amount repayable £5,339.52 at £148.32 per month for 36 months.


Worried about being refused a loan? Our new pre-approved personal loans facility allows you to check your loan eligibility with multiple lenders in minutes – all without affecting your credit score. To find out more, visit our preferred mortgage broker, Loans Warehouse.

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