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Do Plants Have feelings ?

Cruelty to plants Must be Exposed ?
The Radical
10th April 2018
A Campaign to Stop Cruelty to Plants ?
Farmers , Horticulturalists, Allotment Keepers, Gardeners and Microgreen Managers
All have been affected by the weather.
Seeds wait to germinate until three needs are met:
correct temperature (warmth),
 and a good location (such as in soil). 
During its early stages of growth, the seedling relies upon the food supplies stored with it in the 
seed until it is large enough for its own leaves to begin making food through photosynthesis.
Sun Light- in simple terms
And in Britain we have had too much water to little warmth and a shortage of suitable location.
And to narrow it down growing plants from seed or buying plug plants 
has been a challenge for this gardener.
We use mushroom containers as seed boxes 
– You know the large 625gms ones that are sold in supermarkets 
and burn drainage holes in the bottom before filling 75% full of good soft fine compost
which we buy in bags.
Irish peat or Recycled “green” waste that has been turned into compost in huge quantities
The cheapest is Asda 3 x 70 litre bags for £10 and once crumbled by hand does quite well 
but we question its life span as a feed for fast growing plants.
Once the Bedding Plant seeds have germinated and two leaves appear 
we transfer them into plastic re-useable 9cm pots to grow on in the “greenhouse” 
until turn out time into a garden bench as potted plants or into garden soil 
where they remain until they expire.
Feeding the plant is important and liquid feed  is easiest, granulated 7/7/7 
is next best, but fertilizer pellets are cheapest.
A Little Help from the Chemicals for Life
For Beans and Peas we use the black bins supermarkets display cut flowers in.
Once again holes are punctured into the base  and the pot half filled with compost.
Four Broad bean and Eight pea germinated seeds to a pot around the middle 
so that a bamboo cane stick in the middle later when the plants have grown sufficiently 
can be used to support them.
But Potatoes are planted in Raised Beds and must stay buried 6″ if not rotted by waterlogging.
Notice that we can move / cover the plants, we are talking about – 
inside or out depending on the weather if we feel we want to beat the climate.
I digress somewhat- Livestock farmers can do the same – building permitted.
 Putting Ewes and Lambs outside can be reversed if the weather gets too cold and wet.
But the grass stays outside in all weathers and of course does not grow 
until the soil gets warm enough but not too wet – flooding doesnt help 
But the cereal and vegetable farmer is caught with his crop outside.
When to sow seed and when not to, is his dilemma
So going back to the original question – Do plants have feelings ?
Yes – of Course and more than Vegans know !
So next time you buy food in the supermarket, think about the plants,

as well as the producer out in all this weather

Has the plant suffered from being subjected to the artic conditions ?
Have the Lamb Pork or Beef on the butchers slab been over exposed 
to the elements or protected ?
But even more so, think of the producer craftsman or woman exposed

to caring for the seed or newborn

and remember this – both plants and animals can die in extremes of climate change
and stop blaming anyone other than the human race for their demise !

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