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Divorce and Dishonesty ! – MEN MUST NOW RECORD ALL THE INCIDENTAL EXPENSES FOR INCIDENTAL WOMEN & The sooner English law demands a PRE NUPTUAL AGREEMENT prior to a Marriage the better

Are you entitled to a bigger divorce settlement?


What a landmark court ruling means for those


who suspect their ex of dishonesty

Justice at last: Varsha Gohil (left) and Alison Sharland (right) outside the Supreme Court


Justice at last: Varsha Gohil (left) and Alison Sharland (right) outside the Supreme Court

If you feel you were cheated by your divorce settlement because your ex husband or wife hid details of their wealth, you could be entitled to more money.



A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court has paved the way for financially deceitful spouses to be sent back to court, where they will be forced to pay their former partners their fair share of matrimonial assets. 

The guilty party will also likely have to cough up for the legal costs.

The ruling related to big-money cases brought by two wronged wives – Varsha Gohil and Alison Sharland – who had proof their husbands had been dishonest about their finances at the time of their divorce proceedings.

James Brown at JMW Solicitors who represented one of the wronged women’s husbands – Mr Sharland – said his client’s case ‘could open the floodgates to thousands of couples revisiting the agreements they reached’.


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