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Dig This

17 – 23 August 2015

Flower garden job checklist

It’s time to…


Save seed from ornamental annual quaking grass and many other garden plants

Water camellias regularly as drought can cause the buds to drop next spring

Summer prune wisteria, shortening long sideshoots back to five or six leaves

Deadhead roses, unless you want them to form autumn hips

Trim lavender immediately after flowering to maintain its shape, but avoid cutting back too far into old wood

Hoe weeds regularly to prevent seedlings establishing

Trim conifer hedges, evergreen hedges and topiary

Deadhead dahlias to encourage further blooms to form

Cut down perennials past their prime

Sow hardy annuals, like poached egg plant, for early flowers next year

Fruit and veg job checklist

It’s time to…


Harvest young marrows but leave some to fully ripen for storage and winter use

Trim leaves from strawberries that have finished fruiting

Plant out rooted strawberry runners into new beds

Pick early varieties of apple as they ripen including ‘Discovery’, ‘Laxton’s Epicure’ and ‘George Cave’

Sow parsley in pots for winter and spring use

Thin out heavy crops of plums to prevent branches snapping

Hang wasp traps in fruit trees

Pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes, as further flowers are unlikely to produce ripe fruits

Pick fresh herbs to freeze in ice cubes for winter use, or to hang and dry to store in jars

Greenhouse job checklist


It’s time to…


Feed tomatoes in growing bags and pots with a liquid high-potash fertiliser

Plant nerines, lachenalia and veltheimia bulbs in pots

Take leaf cuttings from begonias, Cape primroses and African violets

Sow winter lettuces in pots

Pot up clumps of chives to use in winter. Cut down the leaves to stimulate new growth

Order garlic ready for planting in autumn

Water pot cyclamen saved from last year to start them back into growth

Buy prepared hyacinth bulbs and plant as soon as possible so you get flowers for Christmas

Plant pots of ‘Paper White’ narcissus for indoor displays

Remove lower leaves from cordon-trained tomatoes up to the bottom truss, to let light and air reach the fruits

Around the garden job checklist

It’s time to…


Prepare soil ready for sowing a lawn or laying turf during September and October

Top up water levels in pebble fountains and pools

Deal with problem lawn weeds, digging them out or applying herbicide

Order spring-flowering bulbs to plant this autumn

Deadhead border plants, unless you want to collect their seeds

Spray gladioli to prevent thrips damage to leaves and flowers

Pick herbs and everlasting flowers for drying

Buy or build compost bins to help recycle all your kitchen and garden waste

Collect seeds and ripe seed pods from favourite flowers and vegetables

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