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Cuban health system ready for Covid-19

Photo: icrt.cu

The training of the country’s health professionals to treat cases of Covid-19, along with the preventative campaign underway across the country in response to the threat of the new coronavirus, were addressed yesterday, March 8, by a team of specialists at the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), the center leading the national effort.

Dr. José Luis Aparicio Suárez, head of the Ministry of Public Health’s postgraduate department, presented details on the updated course on prevention and control of Covid-19, which is being taught at the Institute, to train and generalize procedures and epidemiological surveillance at all levels of Cuba’s health care system and in different institutions and organizations.

“Training is a continuous step-by-step process, prepared for specific groups, based on their profession or occupation. The course that we are giving today is for those who are able to use this knowledge, which includes directors of the country’s main medical institutions, epidemiologists, pediatric and adult intensive care experts, and other specialists involving some 150 Cuban professionals,” he said.

Dr. Manuel Romero Placeres, IPK director, reported that 160 beds were available at the institution, 20 of which are especially for pregnant women and children. He added that a network of hospitals and isolation centers had already been identified and prepared in each province, to prevent the spread of the virus on the island, as needed.

The director emphasized that Cuba has the means to collect and process samples of the virus for diagnosis, certified by the Ministry of Public Health and the Pan American Health Organization.

Dr. Jorge Hidalgo Bustillo, director of the Central Unit for Medical Collaboration also reported that no member of the 61 Cuban brigades providing services around the world has shown any sign of contagion or symptoms associated with Covid-19.

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