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Cuba – Not all Sand and Salsa

Cuba, an attractive destination for ecotourism in the Caribbean

The travel agency Ecotur celebrated its 18th anniversary with the challenge of establishing Cuba as an attractive destination for ecotourism in the Caribbean. To achieve this, Ecotur is carrying out various actions in order to establish itself as the leading vendor of tourist packages related to nature, adventure and protection of the environment.

Parque Guanayara, Trinidad.

According to Ivonne González, commercial specialist for Ecotur, among the company’s key projects is the development of tourist options for the Cuban market. The agency is committed to continuing to promote responsible recreational practices to the Cuban public, which contribute to preserving the country’s exceptional natural environment, added González.

Ecotur’s activities will continue to focus on the international market, especially countries such as France, Britain, Canada and Brazil, stated Franklin Marín, Ecotur’s Commercial Department specialist, who also explained that, although so-called ecotourism doesn’t bring large numbers of visitors to Cuba, it does generate considerable income.

Cuba’s eastern province of Granma is renowned for the exquisite natural geography of its mountains, rivers and coastal areas.

Among the agency’s other priorities are organizing events such as Foto al vuelo and Lente al agua, two activities designed to attract travelers interested in appreciating Cuba’s fauna, stated Marín, who later spoke about preparations for the International Nature Tourism Event, scheduled for September 2015, to promote destinations in the west of Cuba, such as Las Terrazas, Soroa and Viñales.

Ecotur’s packages offer a diverse range of activities such as bird watching, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and jeep safaris. The agency is the exclusive marketer for areas managed by the Flora and Fauna Protection Enterprise. (Granma International news staff)

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