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Cricket 3rd Day -2nd Test England v Pakistan

Has Cook flipped his lid ?

The Radical – 25th July 2016-

After reducing the Pakistanis to jelly and removing 10 wickets for under 200 runs and having  almost 400 runs in bag,what does he do ?

He chooses not to ask the Pakistanis to follow on.

There may be dark forces here.

He may have been told to extend the match into the 4th & 5th day
to get bums on seats for £29 each, but I don’t think so.

An England result was the priority considering they are one down in the series.

What Cook has done is to throw away the advantage.

He is incompetent !

As this website has said twice before in match reports.

The situation was that England had two days and a session
to get Pakistanis out in their second innings
and if he thought that was leaving the gate open
he had 10 English wickets in the bag.

The situation is now that England has 9 wickets in the bag

with two days to go and the
Manchester weather to contend with.

As soon as he declares and that is expected this morning,
he gives a total for the Pakistanis to aim at in two days

and no English wickets in the bag.

Foolhardy in the extreme.

Moeen bowled as Moeen bowls allowing

  the last two Pakistani batsmen
to put on 80 runs before taking two wickets,

and leaking runs at 6 an over.

I call that buying wickets and

I ask the most sensitive question.
Whose side is Moeen completely on ?

Moeen’s, as he rarely looks to get out of second gear.


Give me Rashid any day

Give me Rashid and another spin bowler allrounder too.

Always play two spinners at Manchester where the weather is so unpredictable.

One cannot dismiss Anderson

but Broad has lost his confidence with the bat

and his fire and accuracy with the ball.

For the third test I would select Anderson Woakes and Stokes

with two spin bowlers, one must be Rashid and one must not be Moeen.

Cook will probably be captain, but I hint a degree of tolerance only

from the others in the team.

And I ask you to look carefully at actions when England are in the field
celebrating the fall of a wicket.

Cook has to look to be included.

It is not spontaneous from the others or just recognition that he is captain.

Cook is tolerated and there lies another story.

Whose side is Cook on ?

Why Cook’s of course !

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