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Six months after the lockdown, a variety of Covid-19 proximity tracker apps have been deployed across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England/Wales. As we enter new challenges with the spread of coronavirus, the time for a closer look at these novel and untested technologies is now.

After abandoning a centralised model, the NHS Covid-19 App for England/Wales adopted the more privacy conscious Google/Apple model. Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland have all developed and deployed de-centralised proximity tracing apps. Are we really out of the woods, or is there a limit to the amount of confidence we can have in apps within Big Tech’s ecosystem?

Join us Friday 02 October at 4pm for an international panel discussion asking:

  • Are these proximity tracing Apps working? Are they reliable?
  • How do the Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England/Wales apps compare and differ?
  • Which one has the best – and worst – record on digital privacy?
  • Where does government control end and Big Tech’s begin?


Dr Stephen Farrell – Trinity College Dublin. Researcher on Google / Apple Exposure Notification.

Olga Cronin – Information Rights Programme Policy Officer, Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Patrick Corrigan – Northern Ireland Programme Director, Amnesty International UK

Lillian Edwards – Professor of Law, Innovation and Society at Newcastle Law School


Matthew Rice – Scotland Director, Open Rights Group

Register here:


Thank you for supporting digital rights.

Mike Morel                                                                      
Campaigns Manager
Open Rights Group   

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