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Corbyn’s Embrace of a Customs Union is a Sell Out to the Labour Right!



Jeremy Corbyn’s embrace of a Customs Union is a sell out to Labour right wingers Keir Starmer and Chuka Umunna.


It means that Labour is now committed to free movement of workers from 27 EU countries to the UK and a single market which allows companies to move out of the UK to other EU states where workers are paid lower wages.


The EU’s constitution is committed to Capitalism. Membership of or collaboration with the EU means Britain has to accept the tariffs (import controls) stipulated by an unelected body in Brussels.


It appears that Labour’s leadership has forgotten that the 1945 Labour Government applied import controls which saw Britain build an economy which was 80 per cent based in manufacturing – today it is 10 per cent; an economy which produced cars, aircraft, steel, coal, cotton, wool, agriculture and fishing.


Labour’s leadership is ignoring the 60 per cent of Labour Constituencies that voted to leave the EU, something Britain could have done the day after the referendum.


Britain has an annual deficit of £80 billion in trade with EU countries whilst our trade with the rest of the world produces a £40 billion surplus.


It is economic and political madness to remain in the EU.


If the Labour Party continues with its present policy the British people will never forgive what they are doing.


The British people voted to leave this bastion of capitalism.


I call on all who want an independent Britain to make clear in any future vote their support for ‘No Deal’.


Arthur Scargill Leader, Socialist Labour Party 26th September 2018

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