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Compassion in Profit not Transparency or Traceability


Bitesize Beef…..


The Radical- 30th May 2018

…..in Vacuum Packed Portions is what the Rat Race Demands, the Supermarkets want to Retail,

Results in Producers Practices.


We have tasteless Chicken and Pork in feedlots so why not tasteless Beef ?


Intensive Beef farming practices is less about size but more about how the animal is reared.


A Beef or Dairy Breed, On Grass or Cereals – Suckler reared or Force fed ?


Beef needs to be growing at one kilo per day or more.


A Beef calf weighs 45kilos at birth and is finished at 900 kilos in two years or less.


Some Beef breeds finish at lighter weights off grass, others need a cereal based diet


to get them to heavier weights.


Cattle kill out at 57% or less depending on breed and finishing practices.


That means the edible meat in a carcase.


Increased profits come from cattle with more meat on the carcase and meat in the right place.


Because everyone wants tender meat and mostly beef steaks.


Beef Calves suckled on their mothers for 10 months,


then grass finished is the traditional British Beef,


but that is not the most profitable way to produce beef.


Feedlots, large scale, do not need expensive land


and land prices have rocketed mainly because there is less of it thanks to people property


and “they” are not producing any more of it .


Finishing “beef” on cereals is cheaper than grass fed because it is quicker


and the turnover greater.


But all these Compassion in Farming Freaks get the main argument completely wrong.


That is breed.


The Dairy industry must produce dairy calves to produce milk and the by- product is “beef”.


The Dairy bred calves enter the beef chain and their conformation


is poorer than Beef bred calves.


What to do with these animals is the industries problem.


Cheap beef from Dairy Beef ends up as cheap beef – Processed Meat including Burgers.


Definition of Processed  –


to perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations


on (something) in order to change or preserve it.


When Dairy beef ends up as “unadulterated” meat – steaks – joints or cutlets


it is of a poorer quality and confuses the consumer into bad purchases.


The same can be said for “beef” reared or finished on cereals not grass.


Grass reared and finished beef breeds can be better beef but not always because


again it depends on breed.


Some beef breeds are better fed grass other finished on cereals,


but all beef is better from suckler beef herds.


A beef breed is at least 50% beef breed,


but better beef comes from 75% beef bred or 100% beef bred cattle.


A beef bull on a dairy cow is 50% 


A 75% beef animal – the most common beef breed,


is when the mother is 50% beef bred and the father 100%.


Confused ? 


Yes of course because there is one missing ingredient to the consumers purchase.


Transparency and Traceability


And that is up to the Gove – rnment and the Industry 


As you can see it has little to do with Industrial Scale Beef Farming


And all to do with Confusing the Consumer and PROFIT.


PS. There is no such thing as INORGANIC, but how an animal is killed, hung and butchered matters to its finished quality




Revealed: industrial-scale beef farming comes to the UK

Another  Guardian Story !!!!!! – hmmmm


Investigation uncovers about a dozen intensive beef units, despite assurances that US-style practices would not happen here 


Some of the UK’s intensive units can hold up to 3000 cattle at a time. Photograph: Bureau of Investigative Journalism/Guardian

Thousands of British cattle reared for supermarket beef are being fattened in industrial-scale units where livestock have little or no access to pasture.

Research by the Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has established that the UK is now home to a number of industrial-scale fattening units with herds of up to 3,000 cattle at a time being held in grassless pens for extended periods rather than being grazed or barn-reared.

Intensive beef farms, known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are commonplace in the US. But the practice of intensive beef farming in the UK has not previously been widely acknowledged – and the findings have sparked the latest clash over the future of British farming.

The beef industry says that the scale of operations involved enables farmers to rear cattle efficiently and profitably, and ensure high welfare standards. But critics say there are welfare and environmental concerns around this style of farming, and believe that the farms are evidence of a wider intensification of the UK’s livestock sector which is not being sufficiently debated, and which may have an impact on small farmers…….

Pressure group Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) have raised concerns that some cattle held at in “feedlots” are kept in “high stocking densities” with little or no shelter or shade and “no dry ground to rest on.” The group says it believes “cows belong on pasture”.

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