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EU shoots itself in foot as UK fishermen find ‘cheaper and quicker’ access to Asia markets

THE European Union has been blasted for the mountain of paperwork fishermen have to complete in order to export to the trading bloc.

Brexit: Fisherman on ‘quicker and cheaper exports’ through Asia

Scottish fisherman Jamie McMillian told the BBC that his team spends three hours every morning completing paperwork for the European Union. He added that he now exports to markets in the Far East as it is “cheaper and quicker” than exporting to France following Brexit.

“It is such a waste of paper, a waste of time, a waste of the environment, and a waste of cost.

“That is three hours’ work every morning that we export to the EU.

“Three hours’ work to do all that paperwork.”

The Scottish fisherman claimed it is cheaper to export to Asia than France (Image: GETTY)

EU news Brexit fishing latest update

The European trade landscape post Brexit (Image: EXPRESS)

He added: “In simple terms exports to China, Singapore or Hong Kong is cheaper and export there than it is to France.

“So we are pushing sales in the UK and pushing sales in the Far East to try and compensate for what we have lost from Europe.”

June Mummery has been a vocal critic of the fishing terms the UK secured in the post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU.


During an interview with Express.co.uk the former Brexit Party MEP shamed the UK Government for securing “awful” terms for the UK fishing industry.

Brexit: Boris Johnson given ‘misinformation’ says Mummery

The ex-Brexit Party MEP also criticised Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiating team, describing the fishing terms outlined in the deal as the biggest failure of the agreement.

She outlined a lack of preparation and misinformation as contributing factors to the poor terms for Britain’s fishing industry.

Ms Mummery said: “They are never going to get anywhere.

“This is the biggest failure they have done.

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