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Climate- Snow and Gale Force Winds heading for the UK

Three day cold snap to bring snow and gale-force winds


Britain will be hit by snow and gale-force winds during a three-day cold snap


11:48AM GMT 03 Dec 2013

 Snow, gale force winds and freezing temperature are predicted this week, forecasters said, as a three-day cold

snap is predicted to hit Britain.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for wind across large parts of England and Scotland on

Thursday, with 50-70mph gusts forecast.

Northerly winds from the Arctic will bring temperatures of no higher than -2C in central parts of England overnight on Wednesday and into Thursday morning, although it could feel even colder.

Daytime temperatures on Friday will struggle to rise above 4C in the South.

The cold air could also lead to snow on Thursday, with forecasters warning the whole of the country should prepare for wintry showers. Around 2-5cm of snow is forecast in Scotland

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However, the weather is expected to turn milder for the weekend and the start of next week.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “Wednesday evening will see deepening low pressure to the North of Scotland, bringing very strong winds to a large part of the country.

“Gusts up to 60-70pmh are likely but we could even see winds in excess of that. There is some concern about winds of that strength, which is why we’ve issued the warning.

“There’s some rain – which could turn into snow – tied up with that as well, so pretty bad conditions.”

The severe weather warning is in place across everywhere north of East Anglia between midnight and 6pm on Thursday.

It comes as experts said woodlands could take decades to return to normal after more than 10 million trees were decimated by the St Jude’s Day storm.

The storm, in October, saw parts of the country hit by winds of up to 90mph and affected 64 per cent of Britain’s woodlands – equating to around 70,000 woods across the country

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