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‘Churchill was an imperialist racist’ – Britain was a country “built on racism” that had ruined the world.



Published time: 9 Oct, 2018 14:30
‘Churchill was an imperialist racist’:

Piers Morgan ( WHO ?) clashes with professor live-on-air

TV presenter Piers Morgan has clashed on air with a professor over the academic’s claim that Winston Churchill was an “imperialist racist.”

Morgan said he won’t be told “to feel ashamed of this country.”

Morgan lashed out at Professor Kehinde Andrews’ assertion that Britain was a country “built on racism” that had ruined the world.

The broadcaster labelled the attack “baloney.”

Professor Andrews, an academic in Black Studies at Birmingham City University, told an intransigent Morgan on his breakfast show Good Morning Britain: “[Churchill] was someone who believed the white race was superior, the natives didn’t have any right to their lands in the Americas, the Indians were a ghastly people and was just a general imperialist racist.”
 ‘The history of this country is built on racism’ says Professor Kehinde Andrews attacking the UK’s past actions. 
He says the UK has ruined the world and that it is a racist country, built on racism.

He went on to call Winston Churchill one of the roots of the problem.

The academic then insisted that Churchill’s views on India “were so extreme, they couldn’t be separated from Hitler’s,” quoting Leo Amery, the secretary of India during the early-to-mid 1940s.
Morgan hit back: “If it hadn’t been for Winston Churchill – hey we all have flaws – I think we probably wouldn’t have had the stomach to take on Hitler.”
The culmination of the heated debate ended with Morgan telling Professor Andrews: “I’m not going to be told to feel ashamed of this country just because you say we are a bunch of racists.”
The altercation prompted debate among social media users on Twitter, with some rejecting the notion Britain was inherently racist and instead blamed narrow-minded individuals. 
While others told how they, as people of colour, in today’s Britain, receive racist abuse

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