Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?

Champion Clean Energy


Prove Trump and the polluters are no match for this movement.

I’ve been an environmental activist for about 25 years and I have seen many uphill battles. But I’ve never seen anything like this. Trump has aligned with the fossil fuel industry and mega-polluters to wage a nonstop assault on our environment, our democracy, our rights, and our communities. Our only option is to band together and fight back with everything we’ve got.

Giles, you’re a crucial part of our resistance. Will you please help strengthen our movement with a donation to Greenpeace today?

From approving oil pipelines to rolling back climate protections and cutting funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump has shown a terrifying disregard for science and the health of our people. It’s time for us to rise up like never before and fight for our climate and communities. To help us resist and #ResistOften, please make your gift now. Your support will help to:

  • Protect our rights to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment;
  • Fight back against corporations like Exxon who are working to undermine our democracy;
  • Investigate, expose, and confront environmental abuse;
  • Champion clean energy;
  • Empower people to make positive change at the local level, in your states and communities.

More than ever before, we need to be awake, we need to be alert, and we need to be involved. You’ll strengthen this fight for environmental and social justice with your donation today. Together, we can defeat the polluter agenda, protect our people, and create a safe and joyful planet for all. Thank you for your partnership.

Yours in Solidarity,

Annie Leonard
Executive Director, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Greenpeace never takes money from the government or corporations. We are a people-powered movement. It’s only because of you that we can tackle the world’s worst environmental problems. We’re fighting with everything we have right now, because what’s at stake is everything that we love. Please join us — give today.

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