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Fears free school milk could be axed in the UK

A consultation looking to revamp the School Milk Scheme under UK legislation has sparked fears the free drink could be axed in schools.


Fears free school milk could be axed in the UK

The proposals are to become effective in the event of a no deal where EU law would need to be transposed into UK law, to become effective on March 29, 2019.


Defra said it was not a commitment to either continue the scheme in the future or provide the same level of funding as currently available.


But those speaking to Farmers Guardian said they worried funding for milk would be devolved to local authorities which, under financial pressure, could decide to end the scheme.



Defra is consulting on the funding ceiling, currently set in EU legislation at €100 million (£89.8m), being changed to reflect the UK allocation of €9.8m (£8.8m), while also amending legislation so schools participating in the scheme are no longer required to reference the EU in publicity materials.


A Dairy UK spokesperson said: “Dairy UK is continuing to monitor all developments and continues to call on Government to commit to the scheme’s long-term funding, ensuring the next generation of children have access to the same nutritious milk and dairy products which previous generations benefited from.”

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