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Cameron’s Top Tweeter


NHA Party executive member

is the most influential tweeter about David Cameron

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Our own executive committee member Marcus Chown has been named  the “most influential tweeter about David Cameron” by academics at Imperial College who’ve created a new  index for  ranking tweeters.

Marcus Chown(@marcuschown), who’s a best-selling author of science books, came out as top Cameron tweeter for being both prolific and retweeted frequently.

Marcus was at number 58 in the recent twitter list of most influential tweeters.

The researchers at  Imperial have launched a tool that can rank the most influential tweeters on any topic. So far they have collected millions of tweets as part of their analysis on subjects such as David Cameron, Manchester United and the Glastonbury Festival. Their method gives Twitter users a score, called the T-index, based on how active they are and how often their posts are retweeted.

Marcus, who tweets prolifically about the government’s destruction of the NHS, as well as about science, has been shown to have a higher T-index than mainstream media like the Guardian and the Mirror. Not surprising as he’sbeen retweeted by the likes of Russell Brand, Tim Minchin,  Brian May, Adrian Lester, Rufus Hound and Richard Dawkins.

Reacting to the news of being top Cameron tweeter, Marcus said:

“I am just pleased to be getting the message out that David Cameron is dismantling our NHS while lying that he isn’t.”

Dr Dominic King, a Clinical Lecturer in Surgery at Imperial College London, said:

“The T-index is a simple, transparent score that measures how influential someone is based on the quality and quantity of their output on a specific subject. The method is open to everyone, so people can discuss how useful it is as a metric.

“The results show that bloggers and independent voices can have their messages disseminated to a wider audience than established news providers. For tweets about David Cameron, Marcus Chown has a higher T-indexes than established media providers like the Guardian and Daily Mirror.

“We also provide information on the most popular tweets overall about each topic. These are almost always from celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Lady Gaga or members of One Direction. But while one tweet about a topic may stimulate a peak of interest, it’s likely to be short-term. The T-index measures sustained influence.”

The full results can be found at www.t-index.com

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