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Cameron & Osborne are Creaming off the Top, Whilst We Foot the Tax Bill

Osborne scarpers as media quizzes him on tax status


THE Chancellor of the Exchequer dodged a reporter yesterday as he was quizzed on whether he had benefited from funds hidden in British tax havens or would in future.


Thursday 7th

posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain



When questioned by ITV News on air, George Osborne refused to directly answer if he — like Tory PM David Cameron — had been in receipt of untaxed cash.


Mr Cameron’s late father Ian, who died in 2010, owned Bahamas-based Blairmore Holdings Inc, which did not pay a penny in British tax for 30 years.


His son partly inherited the firm.


Mr Osborne responded that his business dealings were “declared in the register of members’ financial interests.”


When asked again, he said that the Conservative government had “done more than any other British government to tackle tax avoidance.”


After the reporter suggested that ministers were operating on the basis of “do as I say, not as I do,” Mr Osborne repeated his claim before walking away.


Mr Osborne retains 15 per cent shares in Britain-based posh wallpaper firm Osborne & Little, set up by his father, which has legally paid no corporation tax since 2008.


The PM has also attempted to evade scrutiny by claiming that receiving income from untaxed overseas firms was a “private matter.”


But shadow Treasury minister Richard Burgon said that Mr Cameron’s excuses were “seemingly changing by the hour with four different statements already.


“It’s time for the drip, drip of revelations to end — David Cameron needs to put the record straight once and for all and so does George Osborne.”


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