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Bryony Muir wins Harvest Anthem Competition

Scottish young farmer wins Search for a Harvest anthem competition

7 October 2013



A young Scottish farmer has been crowned the winner of the 2013 Search for a Harvest anthem competition.

Bryony’s song Harvest Time was voted the public’s favourite on YouTube beating Peter Foster, a retired stockman from Lancashire accompanied by his grandson Lewis, and Mike Kilbane with an energetic group of Morris Dancers.

The 25 year old provides a light-hearted account of herself as a young farmer dreaming of harvest in Canada, Texas and France, but then concluding she is thankful for the advantages of farming at home in Orkney, Scotland.

The announcement follows the nationwide search for a new harvest song launched by Farmers Guardian and Love British Food, organisers of British Food Fortnight.

The competition aimed to find a new harvest song, rap or poem to inspire a new generation and to promote local food and agriculture beyond the farming community. 


Harvest Time by Bryony Muir, winner of the 2013 Search for a Harvest anthem competition

Bryony grew up in the Orkney Islands on her family’s beef farm and works as a music teacher in a secondary school, living with her fiancé on Allanfauld Farm.

Bryony will join Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall and a host of well-known personalities from the world of food and farming at A Service to Celebrate the Harvest in Westminster Abbey on the 16th October, and

afterwards will be presented with her £500 prize by the Farmers Guardian.

Danusia Osiowy, features editor of Farmers Guardian says: “The theme of Britain’s harvest was at the heart of this year’s British Food Fortnight and we wanted to take a much loved tradition and bring it up to date with a fun and light hearted song that depicted its importance.

“Not only has Bryony got a great voice but it was clear Bryony had spent a long time making and editing the video and helped make her the perfect choice to the thousands that viewed her song on YouTube.”

Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food says: “We have had a fantastic response to the competition and we could not have hoped to find a better ambassador for British agriculture and food than the winner, Bryony Muir.  

“We have hugely enjoyed working with Farmers Guardian and we hope that the entrants had as much fun making the films as we had watching them.”

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