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Brexit fishing betrayal

 Boris KNEW he was selling out fishermen, Cummings claims

DOMINIC CUMMINGS has claimed Boris Johnson knew he was “selling out” UK fisheries to get a Brexit deal with the EU – but hides it even “from himself”.

‘No importance for me’ in Cummings comments says Barnier

Asked by leading Brexiteer and businesswoman June Mummery if Boris Johnson knew “how bad the deal is for coastal communities”, the former Downing Street and Vote Leave adviser responded: “He sort of knew he was selling them out.” In the tweet on Wednesday evening, Mr Cummings added: “But he hides such knowledge from himself.

“He’s not a simple character. It’s why ‘lying’ is tricky to pin on him. He just doesn’t know what truth is.

“He only ever cares about himself.”

The Conservative Party was contacted for comment.

Ms Mummery has previously been highly critical of the Government’s Brexit deal, which Mr Johnson reached with the EU at the eleventh hour last December.

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Dominic Cummings

Cummings: ‘he sort of knew he was selling them out but he hides such knowledge from himself’ (Image: Getty)

June Mummery

Brexiteer Mummery asked if Johnson knew ‘how bad the deal is for costal communities’ (Image: Getty)

Last week, the former Brexit Party MEP responded to a video of Mr Johnson speaking about his Plan for Jobs, saying: “You stole job opportunities from coastal communities.”

“If we had taken back control of waters, 1,000s of jobs could’ve been created from fishing,” she claimed, adding that for every one job at sea there would be eight on the land.

“Wind farms don’t create local jobs. So where are all these jobs?”

In a further reply, Ms Mummery tweeted that Mr Johnson “lied to coastal folk to get his lazy backside in parliament.”


Boris Johnson

Cummings: ‘He’s not a simple character. It’s why ‘lying’ is tricky to pin on him’ (Image: Getty)

Fishermen UK

Mummery: ‘if we had taken back control of waters, 1,000s of jobs could’ve been created from fishing’ (Image: Getty)

As per the Brexit agreement, 25 percent of the EU’s fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred over to the UK from 2021 to 2026.

However, the majority of that – 15 percent – will be transferred in 2021, with a further 2.5 percent transferred over in the following four years.

This “adjustment period” allows EU fishers time to get used to the new arrangements. They have until June 30, 2026, after which there will be annual negotiations to decide how the catch is shared between the UK and the EU.

By 2026, it is estimated that UK boats will have access to an extra £145m of fishing quota every year.

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