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Brexit bombshell: How the UK is planning to gain FREE global trade outside the EU


BRITAIN is ready to launch its big push for a free global trade deal around the world.
PUBLISHED: 04:59, Sun, Jul 5, 2020 | UPDATED: 06:36, Sun, Jul 5, 2020
Sources have said Britain’s first independent trade policy since 1973 – due to come into force in January – would involve lobbying for low tariffs and greater powers for the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Originally, the UK had left the EU on January 31, however, it is still subject to most of its rules until ‘New Years Eve’ 2020. Only after this will the government be able to pursue a completely independent trade policy, according to an exclusive in The Mail on Sunday.
And officials will strive to work with a loose coalition of like-minded states, such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, to turn back a tide of protectionism that started after the financial crisis in 2008.
This has gained momentum since the coronavirus pandemic was blamed by some on international supply chains.
According to one Whitehall source, “this is a top priority for the PM”.
This makes reference to Boris Johnson’s commitment to allow the free flow of goods and services.
This is also backed up by his appointment of ardent free-trader, Liz Truss, as International Trade Secretary.
Since Britain joined the European Community 47 years ago, both trade policy and the negotiation of agreements with the outside world have been the exclusive province of Brussels officials.

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