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BREAKING NEWS –  Five dead after chemical plant disaster near Wuhan


FIVE people were confirmed dead in Wuhan, China after an explosion at a chemical plant rocked

PUBLISHED: 03:06, Tue, Sep 29, 2020 | UPDATED: 03:07, Tue, Sep 29, 2020



Local officials reported at least five people were killed and one person was injured by the explosion in Tianmen, near Wuhan in China. The blast rocked an industrial park at 2:15pm China time (5:15am BST) on Monday. It follows another chemical plant explosion in August killing six workers in Hubei province.

Yuekou Industrial Park in Tianmen saw a plate and frame press explode during equipment testing.




Following the blast, search and rescue efforts were scrambled to save residents buried under rubble.

Footage from Chinese video platform PearVideo showed the aftermath of the explosion, with an injured press being carried away from the wreckage on a stretcher.

It also showed thick yellow smoke billowing out from the facility, which a local claimed could indicate a nitric acid leak.



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China explosion: Tianmen factory rescue operation

China explosion: A factory near Wuhan has exploded, killing at least five people (Image: PearVideo)

Hubei authorities claimed the facility produces pharmaceutical products used to make treatments and drugs.

Tianmen Chutian Fine Chemicals Company, who owns the plant, was fined in April for illegally dumping waste water.

Chinese media reports claimed the Tianmen plant had received multiple complaints from locals.

Residents alerted authorities after they reported the facility releasing gases which caused irritation.

China explosion: Yellow smoke after Tianmen blast

China explosion: Local authorities were scrambled to Yuekou Industrial Park after equipment exploded (Image: PearVideo)

China explosion: Yellow smoke after Tianmen blast

China explosion: Yellow smoke was spotted billowing out of the rubble (Image: PearVideo)

China sees frequent industrial accidents and poor workplace safety due to poor enforcement of regulations and negligence of safety standards.

The Tianmen explosion follows another chemical plant explosion in Xiantao city in August.

The huge blast killed six people and injured four after a flash explosion.

Local authorities claimed it was caused by the operators’ “irregular behaviour” and lack of risk identification.

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