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Twenty-six Met colleagues of Wayne Couzens have committed sex crimes in the past 5 years.

At least 26 Met Police officers have committed sex crimes in the past five years, it has been revealed.

Two officers were jailed for their offences in April this year, according to figures obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

The shocking data comes after serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens was handed a whole life order last week for the kidnap, murder and rape of marketing executive Sarah Everard.

According to the figures published in the Sunday Mirror, 26 officers from Scotland Yard have been convicted of sex crimes including rape, possessing indecent images of children, and voyeurism since 2016.

Five allegedly carried out sex offences while on duty since 2010, with one officer recruited last year despite having a conviction for indecent exposure.

Detective Constable Mark Collins, 58, was jailed for 26 months in April for sending “highly sexualised” messages to what he thought was a girl aged 13 – but who was in fact an undercover officer.


In the same month, Detective Constable Paul Allgood, 60, was jailed for 22 months for three counts of possessing indecent images of children and three of outraging public decency.

A further150 serving officers have convictions for other offences including assault.

Ex-detective and Rochdale child abuse whistleblower Maggie Oliver told the paper: “The police service is no longer fit for purpose. I don’t think it’s ever appropriate for a force to employ an officer with a criminal record. It’s just something that should not happen.”

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has asked the Met for an urgent meeting after it emerged that Couzens worked on the Parliamentary Estate in 2020.

The Met Police had previously said Couzens moved to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command in February 2020 where his primary role was to patrol diplomatic premises, mainly embassies.

On Saturday, a Met spokesman said: “Couzens was deployed to armed static protection duties on the Parliamentary Estate on five occasions from February to July 2020.”

The Parliamentary Estate includes the Palace of Westminster – the location of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Sir Lindsay said: “Like everyone, I have been sickened by the depravity of Wayne Couzens – and heartbroken for the family of Sarah Everard.

“The news that Couzens was deployed as an armed officer on the Parliamentary Estate is extremely concerning and raises a number of questions about police vetting procedures.

“To that end, I have asked the Met Police to meet me urgently to discuss how this person could have been deemed suitable for deployment here.

“Further, I will be seeking reassurance that at no time was anyone on the Parliamentary Estate put at risk.

“The security of members and staff has always been my number one priority, so I want to know how this man could ever have crossed the parliamentary threshold.”

Couzens was said in court to have been “attracted to brutal sexual pornography” as far back as 2002.

The police watchdog previously said he was linked to a flashing incident in 2015 and two more incidents just days before he killed Ms Everard.

Parm Sandhu, an ex-chief superintendent at the Met, said urgent action is needed to restore public confidence in the police.

She told Sky News’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday: “Everybody who works in policing now should be re-vetted. Those people who got through the vetting procedure 20 years ago, 30 years ago, all of them.

“Every single person needs to be reviewed and if anything comes up in their past – it doesn’t have to be a conviction, it just needs to be come to notice, because this man did come to notice.

“So, every person should be re-vetted and reassessed as to whether or not they are safe to be working with members of the community and members of the public.

“It needs to be done now as an urgent measure to reassure the public and rebuild the trust and confidence that policing has lost, but it needs to be done on a regular basis so that we don’t have anybody that even comes close to the actions of Wayne Couzens.”

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