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Behind the Scenes in Panama

Statement by the Cuban delegation to the parallel forums of the Summit of the Americas

At a press conference held on April 7 in the José D.Moscote Auditorium of the Faculty of Economics, University of Panama, the “Statement by the representatives of Cuba at the parallel forums tothe Summit of the Americas” was presented


The representatives of Cuba attending the parallel forums to the Summit of the Americas denounce the presence in these spaces of mercenaries paid by the historic enemies of our nation.

They make up a tiny “opposition” manufactured from abroad, lacking any legitimacy or decorum. Several of its members are publicly linked to recognized terrorists who have caused infinite pain to the Cuban people.

It is offensive that such people, who have made betraying the homeland a well-paid profession and shamefully usurp the name of the country that they slander and offend day after day, are participating in these forums.

For the dignified and sovereign Cuba that has withstood more than five decades of blockade and harassment, for the overwhelming majority of Cubans, for us, we who have come to Panama with modesty and a spirit of cooperation to share experiences of our social development, it is unacceptable that there are people of such low moral character here.

Representatives of Cuba at the parallel forums to the Summit of the Americas

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