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Asia China – Death and Destruction from Typhoon Haiyan but not enough according to the World’s Press

China reports deaths amid Typhoon Haiyan

(Xinhua)    18:50, November 12, 2013

BEIJING, Nov. 12– Seven people were killed and another four were missing as of 10 a.m. Tuesday as Typhoon

Haiyan continued its progress through south China, according to official figures.

The National Disaster Reduction Commission announced that more than 3 million people in China’s southern

provinces of Hainan and Guangdong and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region had been affected by the


Haiyan, the strongest typhoon this year, arrived in Guangxi on Monday morning after having wreaked havoc in the

Philippines and Vietnam.

Five fatalities occurred in Hainan and two in Guangxi.The typhoon toppled more than 900 houses, damaged

another 8,500 and destroyed 25,500 hectares of crops.

Direct economic losses amounted to 4.47 billion yuan (734 million U.S. dollars).

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