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Asda seeks to profit more from women

Asda launches women only discussion group

ASDA has launched its Womens Farming Discussion Group – the next step in its ongoing strategy promoting British farming and sustainable supply chains.

23 December 2014 | By Alice Singleton

Similar to the Women In Dairy group, launched by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF), Womens Farming Discussion Group will focus on the important role women play in all aspects of British agriculture.

“Today many of the leading farmers are women and we feel it is important to recognise and promote this,” explained Pearce Hughes, Asda’s agricultural manager.

He said: “We want to create a platform for like-minded business women to discuss topical industry issues in a male dominated industry.”

Millie Wastie, former National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs chairman has welcomed the move saying: “it is vital we show youngsters that farming can be a really rewarding career for women.”

WalMart is taking practical steps to help change the lives of countless women around the world by 2016.

Readers’ comment

  • Imagine if there was a men only forum, there would be hell to pay! If women are so important to agriculture, which I believe they are, surely there should be no division? I think this sort of thing is out dated and damn right sexist.

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