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Asda Credit Card Complaint

Asda Credit Card



19th February 2015


This credit card scheme is a hollow mockery and deceitful sham

You give them your bank details at application online  believing you have set up a direct debt scheme to avoid charges but you haven’t and as they dont send you the Username and Password you cannot access the Manage my Account page to set up the Direct debit before opening the account.

Hence when you get your Account statement you are charged £12 Default Sum Fee and then interest at 1.460% monthly or 17.52% annually.

I phoned the Financial Ombudsman to complain.

They were very helpful.

They will write on your behalf to Sygma Bank UK Solihull B91 2AA who operate the sham scheme on Asda behalf.

Sygma must respond to me and if I am not satisfied, the Omudsman will intervene.

They will also be checking out any deception Sygma may be operating.

I never pay credit card charges – always pay the debt off monthly. I chose this card because Asda is my nearest supermarket and I buy fuel there. The card is supposed to give you a 1% discount.

Yesterday I past Asda for Aldi and Tesco – I saved on Fresh Milk, Double Cream,Medium Eggs,Orange Juice with bits ,Unsalted Butter and Mushrooms –

On these few items I saved £1 on Asda Prices

I bought my fuel at Tesco Extra with 2p off and saved £10 on my Clubcard and more on the coupons.

Hey – Just want to tell you Asda is Not the Cheapest and you should shop around too

Aldi – It was my first time. I shall be going back there for grocery essentials.

Sorry Asda but you fouled it up good and proper

You lost a Credit Card customer and an Asda Customer all in one day

And after this posting who knows how many more.

Get in touch here if you want to


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