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Another War To Sink the French ?

‘They have ROBBED us’ Brexiteer fisherman rips into French ‘hypocrisy’ over Scallop Wars

A BREXITEER fisherman has fired back at French accusations following the shock scallop wars that broke out spectacularly and violently this week between fishing vessels.

PUBLISHED: 16:56, Sun, Sep 2, 2018 | UPDATED: 17:10, Sun, Sep 2, 2018

Fishing for Leave founder: EU robbed British fishermen



A Brexiteer fisherman has branded his French counterparts as “hypocritical” (Image: GETTY; FRANCE24)

The aggressive response from the British fisherman comes as the tensions reached governmental level.

French Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert has said he has asked British fisheries minister George Eustice to ensure UK vessels do not sail south of the Barfleur-Antifer line, where this week’s clashes took place.

Environment Minister Michael Gove has called on France to prevent a repeat of the “terrible scenes” which saw rival boat crews clash, with vessels damaged by stones and other projectiles, and one British ship rammed.

Industry representatives from both sides are expected to meet next week to work out an agreement.

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