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An Indian NHS ?

More than 500 overseas GPs to be recruited by NHS



21 April 2016


By Jaimie Kaffash

500 more immigrants, and their families, from outside the EU should make a hole in Cameron’s ambition to reduce immigration.

I bet these Immigrants won’t have to wait 6 months for a decision on their permission to remain !

Are these people really going to be allowed to work without training and without going through the same assessment process as UK trained GPs.



The NHS is set to recruit at least 500 GPs from overseas as part of its attempts to increase GP recruitment, it has confirmed, as Pulse exclusively revealed this month.In the General Practice Forward View, NHS England said it would attract 500 ‘appropriately trained doctors’, and potentially more, over the next five years.


It comes after Pulse revealed this month that Health Education England bosses are in discussions with a hospital group in India around bringing GPs to work in English general practice.


The RCGP had claimed that Pulse’s story was ‘false’.


But NHS England said today that it would supplement attempts to increase the numbers of UK-trained GPs with ‘a major international recruitment drive, to attract up to 500 appropriately trained and qualified doctors – and possibly more – from overseas over the next five years’.


Pulse revealed that Health Education England has signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ with Apollo Hospitals in India, a major hospital chain, which will involve the ‘mutual exchange of clinical staff’.


It was thought this could lead to the transfer of 400 GPs.


But the BMA said that the move to recruit trained doctors from overseas was ‘daft’.


Dr Maureen Baker, chair of the RCGPs, said: ’The College is working hard to “recruit, retain and return” as many GPs as possible so that we can continue to give our patients the safe care they deserve.


‘If doctors from outside of the UK can undergo and pass our rigorous assessment process, then we would welcome their skills and expertise in UK general practice.’


The General Practice Forward View makes clear that these GPs will be subject to standards to ensure they are appropriately trained and qualified.


’This will not apply to doctors from Apollo hospital in India who have taken the College-accredited Diploma in Family Medicine, without training or qualifications equivalent to the MRCGP.’

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