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An EU Exit Best for UK Farmers- UKIP

Quitting EU is best for farmers – UKIP

 | By David Boderke

THE UK Independence Party (UKIP) would withdraw from the EU and retain Britain’s seat at the World Trade Organisation so

the UK could pursue agricultural trade policies directly in the national interest.

In its manifesto, it says: “For too long, the EU and the UK’s major political parties have ridden roughshod over the concerns

of farmers and rural people.”

The document, introduced by party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch, MEP and chief party spokesman Nigel Farage, and

deputy leader and head of policy David Campbell Bannerman, says the party would implement policies to ‘ease key worries,

breathe new life into the rural economy and enhance the countryside’.

The party says it would ensure there was no sudden loss of CAP farming subsidies, such as single farm payments, and over

time it would use labelling and advertising campaigns to promote British produce and fairer food prices. This would replace

the need for many subsidies.

It would continue to oppose the production of GM crops in Britain and require all imported GM produce to be labelled,

though GM research would be allowed.

It would introduce labelling to differentiate between ethically-produced and non ethically-produced food products,

demonstrating the high quality of British produce and UK animal welfare standards.

It would review all EU-imposed rules, directives, regulations, quotas, targets and requirements and repeal or reform them a

necessary. This would, for example, ease the present ‘unrealistic’ EU Nitrate Directive threshold and abolish it if necessary.

The party would change legislation to allow more producer co-operatives to be formed, putting producers on a more equal

footing with supermarket buyers, and support the new supermarket ombudsman. 

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