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After the Gardens Get A Soaking – It’s Back to the Watering Can ?

UK weather forecast: Blistering heatwave to RETURN with temperatures SOARING to 35C

AUTUMN is about to kick off to a monster near-90F heatwave as Britons are told ‘get the barbecues ready’. Wet and windy weather forecast through the next few days will give way blue skies and baking sunshine next weekend.

PUBLISHED: 00:00, Mon, Aug 27, 2018 | UPDATED: 00:00, Mon, Aug 27, 2018

Weather: Britain to BASK in warm weather after ‘polar air blast’






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High pressure largely responsible for the record summer heatwave is about to rebuild over Britain, forecasters say.

The mercury will climb from mid-week after a mixed bag of sunshine and blustery showers rounds off an exceptional summer.

UK weather charts show temperatures hitting the high 20Cs next Sunday before nudging 30C (86F) during the first week of September.

Ground temperatures could hit a baking 35C (95F) next weekend bringing a sizzling start to the meteorological autumn.

Britons could be in t-shirts and shorts through next month with freakishly warm weather threatening to hold out into October.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said the entire country is about to get another scorching taste of the sun.

He said: “It is time to get the summer gear and barbecues back out as we have a lot left in the tank in terms of hot weather to come.

“As we progress through he week there will be a gradual transition to warmer more settled conditions as high pressure re-builds, we also expect the sun to return.

“By next weekend we expect to see temperatures surging towards or past the 30C mark across large swathes of the country and this is likely to persist for several days.

“Some projections suggest it may get even hotter and we could even be looking at some records falling during the start of autumn.”

Hot weather will hold out through the rest of the month and even into October meaning Britain could be in for a sweltering Indian Summer, he added.

He said: “This will be no flash in the pan heatwave, and despite some interruptions at times in September, it is looking pretty warm with several major heat bursts in the offing.

“We don’t expect any major changes with this pattern until at least early or mid October, possibly a little later.”

Britons will enjoy a largely dry and settled Bank Holiday after wind and rain dampened spirits at the weekend.

Parts of the country can look forward to some sunshine although showers will set in again for the start of the working week.

A plume of Continental air will push temperatures up on Wednesday before the mercury makes a gradual climb through the rest of the week.

Met Office meteorologist Helen Roberts said: “We are going to see an improvement in the weather on Monday, there may be some showers in the west but these will gradually fade and it will be generally bright.

UK weather forecast

UK weather forecast: Temperatures are set to soar in September (Image: NETWEATHER)

“A band of rain affects Scotland on Tuesday and this will move across the rest of Britain on Wednesday although by the time it gets to the southeast there will be nothing really left of it.

“There is the potential for a plume to come in from the Continent mid-week and this will push temperatures up and could trigger some lightning and rumbles of thunder although there isn’t likely to be any rainfall.

“High pressure then builds through the end of the week and temperatures will continue to nudge upwards bringing a warm and settled start to the meteorological autumn.”

Weather models show temperatures reaching the mid-20Cs in southern Britain by the middle of next week with highs of around 17C (62.6F) elsewhere.

The mercury could hit 26C (78.8F) in the south by next weekend with even parts of Scotland and northern England hitting 24C (75.2F).

Much of southern and central England will push 30C (86F) by next week with highs of 25C (77F) forecast for northern England.

UK weather forecast

UK weather forecast: Autumn is set to begin with another blistering heatwave (Image: NETWEATHER)

A cold front due to push into Scotland from the Atlantic will keep temperatures down in parts of Scotland, forecasters warn.

WeatherOnline’s Simon Keeling said warm air from the Continent will help boost temperatures through next week.

He said: “It’s likely to be a mostly fair week as high pressure begins to build back over the UK and Ireland.

“This should give some fair weather conditions with sunshine for all. Rainfall is likely to be limited.

“It may be warm or even very warm on a few days in the south and east and air spreads from the Continent.

“A cold front is passing east through Scotland and Ireland [next] Monday taking a band of cloud and some showery rain with it.


“Following will be a mix of sunshine and scattered showers.

“Most of England and Wales should be dry with sunny spells.”

Bookmaker Coral today slashed the odds on next month picking up where summer left off and breaking records for heat.

It is offering 2-1 on the warmest September on record with 1-6 on summer being the hottest ever and 6-4 on rainfall this weekend tipping August into the wettest category.

Spokesman John Hill said: “The early weather reports for next month are positive as it looks like the heat wave could be back which has prompted a flurry of bets on September to end as the hottest on record in the UK.

“Although we have had a damp August, the betting still suggests this summer is set to end as the hottest ever which will prove very costly for the bookmakers as we set for a huge pay-out if the record is broken.”

Netweather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite said apart from a few showers tomorrow much of Britain will enjoy a settled Bank Holiday.

High pressure will bring warmer conditions through the start of September although nights will be chilly, he added.

He said: “Bank Holiday Monday [will bring] plenty of sunshine in complete contrast to today, and for many, that’s how it’ll stay.

“There will be some showers affecting parts of northern, central and western Britain but they will be relatively few and far in between.

“Temperatures will be heading into ‘much more like it’ territory as well, especially further south and east, with the high-teens or low-twenties expected. It’ll still be quite breezy, especially to start the day, but the wind will slowly ease back.

“Looking further ahead into next weekend and the start of Autumn, high pressure will start to take charge.

“So lots more fine, often sunny and warm weather by day, with some chilly nights.”

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