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Attention comrades! Special Sunday edition on September 13

Your paper to print special edition with results of Labour leadership election



Saturday 5th

posted by

Ben Chacko in Britain

As you will be aware the announcement of the result of the Labour leadership contest is due to take place on Saturday September 12, one day before the Trade Union Congress opens.

As so often, the powers that be have lamentably failed to consider the Morning Star’s deadlines when they time important announcements such as this.

Staff at your paper were glum when they realised that on the opening day of TUC, our lack of a Sunday paper would mean we hadn’t got the all-important news as to whether Jeremy Corbyn is triumphant.

So we decided to do something about it. In a historic first, the Star will print a one-off Sunday edition which will hit the shops on Sunday September 13 — hopefully with the news we’ve all been waiting for.

Resource constraints mean it’ll be smaller than usual, but it will still be jam-packed with the latest labour movement news.

So keep an eye out for the first ever Sunday Morning Star in a newsagent near you next weekend.


The Sunday Morning Star ? Sounds abit naff ? -The Radical



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