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501Children Killed by Israel in Gaza- Sign the Petition

Demand Justice for the Children of Gaza


The Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip during July and August 2014 claimed the lives of 501 Palestinian children. (1)

Children were killed in their homes as they slept, with their parents as they fled for safety, and in UN shelters where they were told they would be safe. Some, like 3-year-old Ibrahim Omar,(2) sought refuge and medical treatment only to be killed as Israeli forces targeted hospitals where they lay recovering. Up to 1,000 children have been permanently disabled through the loss of limbs, blindness or burn injuries.

These deaths, injuries, and ruined lives were not collateral damage. They were preventable.

In August, a UN Commission of Inquiry was established to investigate war crimes during the conflict and hold war criminals accountable, but the US voted against it – it was the only country to do so – and the UK abstained from the vote. We need your help to show our representatives that we support the investigation.

Both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron are facing tough politics at home, and don’t want to be associated with the killing of children. If we raise our voices right now, we can push their administrations to lend their support to the investigation.

Children in Gaza deserve justice. A UN investigation, backed by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron, will show Israeli authorities that they will be held accountable for the death and injury of Palestinian children and force them to take measures to prevent the deaths of children in the future.

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