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There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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A farcical debate on Cuba in European Parliament

Cuba’s international medical brigades are an example of the solidarity and cooperation the world urgently needs. 

Today, June 8, the European Parliament has scheduled an artificial debate on what they call the political situation and human rights in Cuba. “If the European Parliament decides to discuss Cuba, the debate would necessarily need to refer to the massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of the entire Cuban population, by the genocidal, immoral and illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States government has maintained against our country for more than 60 years,” reads a statement from the Cuban diplomatic mission in Brussels.

The text asks if the promoters of this farce would be willing to demand that the U.S. government end this aggressive policy which, through the end of March 2020, caused accumulated damages to the Cuban economy amounting to 144,413,400,000 dollars. “Are they also willing to defend European natural and legal persons affected by the increasing extraterritoriality of the blockade? Will they ask their U.S. counterparts to repeal the Helms-Burton Act? Will they demand the elimination of the 243 measures adopted by former President Donald Trump, which the current U.S. administration maintains in effect?

It is shameful that a group of representatives has promoted the inclusion of this issue as part of the agenda of the European Parliament. European voters and the international community in general would expect objectivity and impartiality from the European legislature, instead of selectivity and double standards when examining issues related to human rights, when every day events occur that touch the universal conscience, about which the European Parliament has maintained and continues to maintain a complicit, immoral silence, reads the embassy’s communiqué, published on the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s website.

This obsession with Cuba has an explanation. It reflects the agenda of the United States government which has been attempting to overthrow the Cuban Revolution for more than 60 years, unable to tolerate the existence of a people that does surrender to their designs and resists the ironclad blockade, criminally tightened in the midst of a global pandemic, the Cuban mission emphasized.

The statement pointed out that this anti-Cuban maneuver is also intended to hinder relations between Cuba, the European Union and member states, to undermine the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, which is being implemented in a positive manner, making clearly evident the political will of the signatories to continue building bridges between our peoples and governments

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