Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?

November 26, 2014

Final Nail in the EU Coffin

UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget EU accused of financial mismanagement after auditors find huge black hole in   the Brussels budget  The shortfall is known in

Red Red Wine – Drink a little and often is harmful ?-

Sober thought: Pill to cut alcohol dependency on prescription in UK                                                      Published time: November 26, 2014 14:51                                                                                                                                         Reuters / Suzanne Plunkett Tags

Prostitution in India

Love For Sale in India   Asia Sentinel Close   Your Name    Friend Email    Enter Message To Friend               Come along and buy

The Conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Conflict in Ukraine: a Historical Perspective   Post by Lauren McLaughlin The situation in Ukraine is constantly evolving. And for a better understanding the historical roots of the conflict between Russia

Ukraine- The Theatre of War-Act 1

Russia troops still operating in east Ukraine: NATO commander   General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme allied commander     0 NATO’s top military commander says Russian troops are still operating

US moves troops to the Russian Border

Surge in US armored vehicles next to Russian borders U.S. soldiers deployed in Latvia perform during a drill at Adazi military base October 14, 2014 (Reuters / Ints Kalnins) Arms,

Ukraine – Nato – US – Russia = War

Merkel Said to Reject Ukraine NATO Bid as Rousing Tension German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is alarmed by President Petro Poroshenko’s plan to hold a referendum on Ukraine joining NATO,

Germany and Russia go their separate ways

Why Angela Merkel is saying farewell to Ostpolitik The German chancellor’s well-founded belief that Putin is a threat to Europe is shifting power relations in the region Natalie Nougayrède The

Russian Troops move in on Ukraine

Kiev says 7500 Russian troops in Ukraine Ukraine says Russia has thousands of troops in its conflict-ravaged east and has vowed to boost its own military capacity. Published: 4:43 am,